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Ohio CCW

Ohio CCW

Self-Defense is a legal right
And with all rights come responsibilities.

Our CCW class focuses on the legal rights, responsibilities and limitations to carrying a firearm in the State of Ohio.
 Discuss use of force scenarios and learn when your right to self defense applies, and when it expires.
 This is not a class on tactics or self defense.
This course is designed to meet the legal requirements to carry a concealed firearm in the State of Ohio, and to prevent you from becoming a felon and losing that right out of ignorance.

This class will meet and exceed all the requirements of Ohio Revised Code 2923.125 for both classroom content and live fire training.
 Ohio revised code specifies 6 hours of class room time discussing legal principals and basic terms you might hear when discussing firearms. There must be a written test covering the material discussed
 It also requires a minimum of 2 hours of supervised range time, during which you must demonstrate the ability to safely load and unload your handgun, and meet a minimum level of proficiency engaging a paper target. While 2 hours is the minimum for all participants, NCRT provides 8 hours of range time working skills that are relevant to your level of experience. Our range days have multiple NRA, OPOTA and Department of Defense certified instructors to help you find your experience wall and push past it.

Classroom Portion: Our classroom portion is held at a private location in Burgill, Ohio. Explicit details will be provided to registered participants.
Range Portion: Southington Hunt Club and Training Facility, 10321 Silica Sand Rd, Garrettsville, OH 44231, United States


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